We have many wonderful FORGOTTEN FELINES eagerly waiting to be adopted into loving homes. If you wish to adopt one of our cats or kittens, please click here to fill out our online adoption request form. 

If you cannot keep your adoption appointment, kindly call and give us 24 hours notice. We are not open regular hours for public visits and volunteers make a special effort to accommodate your schedule. Our Adoption Coordinator will spend a lot of time getting to know you so that she can match you with the right cat or kitten.

Our adoption fee covers

  • spaying or neutering

  • rabies and distemper vaccinations

  • thorough health examination

  • testing for feline leukemia virus (FeLV) and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV)

  • treatment for fleas, ticks, and ear mites

  • de-worming

Cat of the Week 


Aria is just waiting to take center stage in someone’s life. She has come a long way since arriving at the shelter. At first a little shy, she is now one of the room greeters, especially when she trusts her visitors! Aria would love a quiet home where she could be encouraged to love, trust and bond with her special human! She is a long-haire tortoiseshell, a cat color found only in females, meaning she has blacks and oranges and tans in her coat, with no white. Her stunning green eyes just add to her beauty.

To adopt Aria or any other cat or kitten, please call the Forgotten Felines adoption line at 860-669-1347 or apply here.

Here are a few of our cats waiting to be adopted.
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I’m Cinnamon

This petite, kitten-sized girl is fairly new to the shelter and is still a little shy, but is sweet and gentle and so very beautiful Estimated date of birth: 12/16/17.

Domestic Short Hair  | Adult | Female | Orange / Red

I’m Peppercorn

This sleek, handsome boy is sweet, not spicy! Peppercorn is mostly black with a sprinkling of white on his chest. He loves to pounce on the elusive red dot, has a purr as big as a whale, and is a cuddly fellow as well! Peppercorn is waiting for his perfect home where he can cook up a lifetime of happiness. Estimated DOB: 4/17/13

Domestic Short Hair  | Adult | Male | Black

I’m Misty

New 1 1/2 year old gorgeous girl Misty is a ball of energy and loves to play. She came from a situation where she was mistreated (not on purpose) and is learning that the volunteers are her friends. Misty would love a family who would keep her engaged, build up her trust, and burn off that excess boundless energy by playing with her. Estimated Date of Birth: 10/2/18

Domestic Short Hair  | Young | Female | Gray / Blue / Silver

I’m Magic

Our boy Magic will enchant you with his gorgeous golden eyes. He greets his favorite humans when they come to visit and will happily purr to his heart’s content if you brush and pet him in his favorite hammock bed. Magic's shy sweet nature and mild manners will leave you spellbound! He would love to meet you! Estimated date of birth: 6/26/17

Domestic Long Hair  | Adult  | Male | Black

I’m Sweetie

Look at this gorgeous tortoiseshell coat! Sweetie loves to be brushed and petted and will purr very loudly to let you know. You cannot miss this lovely mature girl in our yellow room because she will hang around the center of the room till you notice her. Estimated DOB: 5/1/08

Adult  | Female | Tortoiseshell

I’m Quince

Quincy is a handsome, buffy boy with muted stripes on his legs & tail. He is about 2 years old & hasn’t been at the shelter very long. He is a little on the shy side but has made some very good progress. When he is curled up in his safe spot, he will let you brush him & even rub his face. He is sturdy, petite cat who is just a gentle soul. Quincy loves to snuggle with other cats & would blossom in a home with other nice cats and patient humans. Estimated DOB: 12/26/17

Domestic Short Hair  | Adult  | Male | Orange/Red

I’m Hayley

Hayley is the cutest little orange kitty with a floofy, stripey tail. She is so irresistible with that pink little nose & cute expression. Hayley is young and quite shy, but she loves to be brushed. She would need a home that would patiently teach her social skills and allow her to have her safe spots. She is a sweet, gentle little girl who gets along well with other nice cats. Estimated DOB: 6/20/18

Domestic Short Hair  | Young  | Female | Orange/Red , Tabby (Tiger Striped)

I’m Amanda

This little miss might be tiny, but Amanda is now making sure you notice she is there! At first all you hear is a teeny meow and then another and there she is winding her way around the room, following you, but only on her terms. She has been known to be petted and brushed, and will swat without claws to let you know when she is done with your attention. It is wonderful to see Amanda, previously feral, blossom like this, slowly learning to trust people. She would love a home with a lot of patience and perhaps another nice cat or two to teach her the gentle ways of domestication. You certainly will be rewarded for your patience with this darling girl. Estimated DOB: 11/14/14.

Domestic Short Hair  |  Young  |  Female  |  Black

I’m Zuzu

Another new girl to our Peach Room. Zuzu is a sweet petite 1 1/2 year old orange love. It takes awhile for our new kitties to get use to their new surroundings and Zuzu is still a little shy but very approachable for petting. Come meet this darling at our next Open Adoption Event!

I’m Woody

Woody is a very sweet gentle mild- mannered boy who never asks for much, but gratefully accepts petting and brushing. He often gets overlooked when there are more demanding roommates, but he is one you want to look for if you want a kitty who would be devoted to you if you give him the time he needs to get use to his new home and family. Please come in and meet this darling boy. Estimated DOB: 3/23/12

I’m Trixie

Trixie is a very sweet, somewhat shy girl who came to us as an older kitten with two other siblings. Her friendly sister was adopted by her foster home, but Trixie and her shy sister Tia came to the shelter together. Since then Trixie has made wonderful progress and now volunteers have no trouble petting and brushing her and she rewards them with very loud purrs! As one volunteer has said "She shouldn’t be overlooked because she has a mellow disposition & once she get used to being in a home, she is a hidden gem. She will become a good companion." Please come in and meet this beautiful girl! Estimated DOB: 4/30/12

I'm  Opal

Hannah and Opal have become very bonded and are looking to be adopted together. Both girls are dilute calicos and both have gorgeous golden eyes. Hannah's estimated date of birth is 8/12/17 and Opal's is 1/29/18. They love to hang out on the catio in their blue room and they love rubbing and butting their heads together, especially when they are excited to see their favorite volunteers!

I’m Petals

Petals is another one of our many kitties that has come a long way with the help of our volunteers. She has warm gray fur with the whitest white markings and very expressive large eyes. Petals loves her treats and now is happy to receive pets and brushing now that she realizes how wonderful it is! It took a few years for this 8 year old to warm up to her human friends, but now that she has, she will just blossom with the right family who will continue to gently coax her and let her tell you when she is ready. Petals is a mild mannered sweet girl and she gets along with the other kitties in her room.

I’m Ombray

Ombray! Once described as feral and not adoptable at this time, this big boy is now a huge purring love bug thanks to our fabulous socializers and volunteers such as June! He gets so relaxed when he is petted and looks forward to the attention and he loves playing with his pink feathered wand toy which unfortunately had to be thrown out just recently. Don’t worry Ombray, we will find you a new one to play with! He also loves to hang out with his fellow roomie Baxter, a handsome gray plushie (see photo). Ombray is one of our FIV kitties who live in our ‘conference’ room. Please come by and say hello to our sweet Ombray Saturday!

A note about FIV: FIV is not transmittable to humans in anyway. It is transmittable by a deep, penetrating bite from cat to cat. Most cats with FIV are asymptomatic and are on no medications and can live long full lives with the same risk of illnesses just like other cats. If they get a sniffle or infection, they need immediate vet care because of their weaker immune system, but this does not necessarily shorten their lives.

I’m Venus

There is another petite black kitty from the Blue Room who is also turning the corner. Venus is a beautiful 4 year old with shiny black fur & green eyes. She started out on the feral side & used to always be on the catio shelves with the other scared & feral cats. Luckily, this little girl likes her treats so it makes working with her so much easier. You just put down a couple treats on the shelf & as she’s eating them you can manage to get a couple brush strokes in. Little by little she came to enjoy being brushed & has become used to neck massages too. Since it’s gotten cold out, she comes into the room more often & takes up residence on the new tower. She has no problems getting along with the other cats in the room and I think she would progress even further in a home. I would recommend that she probably should go to someone who has had more experience handling a scared/feral cat. She would need a little coaxing & patience to make her feel comfortable in a home. 

I’m Harpo

This handsome boy is Harpo! He is a sweet, lovely tuxedo who adores treats! When he sees his roommates ignoring their treats, he sneaks up and takes them because you that would be wasteful! He likes to be pet, but appreciates his human friends who approaches him gently and loves when you tell him how how beautiful he is while you pet him. Harpo is 11 years old and would love a quiet home where he can be spoiled and look forward to treat time with his family. 

I’m Cody

If you are looking for a handsome and sweet boy, Cody might be your fellow! He likes to hang out in the high penthouse or tower and is often overlooked as he does not demand attention like some of his roommates. Our volunteers and socializers have been working with him and although he is a bit shy, Cody does enjoy being petted and has made such wonderful progress! This 3 1/2 year old sweetheart will need a patient family to help him adjust to his new home and help him blossom even further.

I’m Aria

Our beautiful 7 year old Aria has blossomed under the care of our socializers and volunteers! This long-haired tortoiseshell girl has become much more accepting of brushing and attention (and asking for it too!) and she does loves her treats. Just look at her with our volunteer June! (I snuck up to the windowed door to catch this photo of them!). Aria will of course sometimes display her "tortitude" when she has had enough fussing over, and would not be a great match for young children. This feisty girl will most likely mellow once she feels safe in a home with a family of her own. If you love to be owned by a Tortie, Aria could be the girl for you!

I’m Kate

KATE is a beautiful dilute calico who you will find snuggled up in a tower or hammock in the Peach Room. As soon as you start to pet her she puts her little butt in the air to be scratched & she thoroughly enjoys every minute you spend with her. It’s hard to believe that she came into the shelter as a totally feral cat who would hiss & spit at you when you came even close to her. With a few treats & lots of patience, she has become very social with her human friends & I think she is ready for a home. Kate is around 3 years old & would be best in a home that has a little more experience working with a feral cat who has turned the corner. She gets along very well with the other cats in the room. She particularly likes Avril and Finn & when she was hanging out on the catio shelves she would rub up against both of them & lick their heads. These days she doesn’t need any treats to coax her into being petted.

I’m Tiffany

Tiffany is a 10 year old dilute calico who is making progress lately with her social skills. She would once run away as soon as you got near her & now she runs to the door to greet you. She is very treat motivated which allowed us to get close to work on her. Once you get your hands on her she just can’t get enough brushing & pets. We try to use as few treats as possible on her because she is a little plump & would need a home to control her food better to keep her healthy. She is another cat who is just a little on the shy side & needs a patient home to work with her. She is very mild mannered & gets along with the other cats in the room. She would love you to stop by & meet her at one of our adoption events. We think she would adjust well in a home of her own.

I’m Reggie

Reggie is a big black and white boy and on the ample side. He is a big mush and will greet anyone who comes into the room. He loves the company of his human friends and also has a good appetite that needs a loving person to help him control. Please come in and meet this mellow boy to see if he could be your best buddy. He’ll be there to greet you when you walk through the door.

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